Updates on KakaoTalk v2.5.6 2017/06/21

Hi Ka'Talkers,
Check out our newest feature on KakaoTalk v2.5.6.

■ Keyword Alerts

Now you can use the Keyword Alert feature on your desktop version of KakaoTalk.
Go to Settings > Alerts > Keyword Alerts and turn the option on. Then add/delete keywords and you can get notifications when the keyword is mentioned in a chatroom.
Also, the keywords will be highlighted in the chatroom and in the pop-up messages.

* The keywords added/deleted from your PC will be automatically synced with your mobile.
* Please note that the sync feature works only if you use the updated version of mobile KakaoTalk app. (For android v6.3.0 or higher, iPhone will be supported soon.)

With the new feature, you won't be missing a thing :)

Enjoy talking,
Kakao Team

A Better Way to View Your Chat List 2017/03/22

Hello, Ka'Talkers!

Hope you all are excited,
because we are finally bringing you the sort and pin feature on the desktop version of KakaoTalk.

■ Sort Chatrooms

Now you can sort your chatrooms and view them in the order of your choice.
Click the icon next to the search box and align them according to time, unread messages, or favorties.

Pin a Chatroom

You can also pin a chatroom to the top of the list.
Select a chatroom you want to access right away and right-click the room and choose "Pin to Top."
Now you won't have to search for that one chatroom you are always looking for.

That's all for now.
We will be back with more useful updates soon,
so stay tuned!

Kakao Team

Improved Usability for Emoticons and More 2017/02/21

Greetings Ka'Talkers,
We are back with more useful features in v2.5.3!

See what’s new inside v2.5.3:


■ Sync Emoticon Settings

Now you can manage your emoticons on both your PC and mobile at the same time!

If you make any changes to your emoticons - downloading a new item, deleting or changing the order of the existing items - the setting will be immediately synced to the other device.


Also, you can get recommendations for items to shop online. Click on the + icon and browse through the suggestions.



■ Changes in Inviting Friends

Remember when you had to add a friend to a chatroom and then send another message to complete the invitation process? 

Now you don't have to. As soon as you add a new member, the invitee will be able to see the chatroom right away.


Happy Talking,
Kakao Team

Updates on the newest version: Shared Media 2016/12/22

Hello Ka'Talkers,
Hope you all are enjoying the winter season.
Here are some newest addition to the KakaoTalk version 2.5.1.

■ Shared Media

You can now view the list of photos and links you have shared in a chatroom at a glance.
Just click on the icon on the top center and select the Photos tab or Links tab.

Here you can multi-select photos and save them all at once.
If you wish, you can drag and select.
Also, you can select multiple photos/links and send them to other chatrooms.

■ Mentions

If you want to remind a certain somebody of the post you write on Boards, simply tag the member by adding @ and a name.
You can also mention all the members in the chatroom by entering "@all" to the post/comment.

Once you mention a friend, they will be notified from the notification center.

That's all for now.
We will be back again with more updates next year, so stay tuned :)

Happy Holidays,
Kakao Team

Updates on the newest v2.5.0 2016/10/31

Hi Ka'Talkers,
See what's new in the updated version of KakaoTalk for Windows PC.

■ Revamped UI Design

We have made significant changes to the chatroom design.
- The text input area will expand as you type.
- You can now view profile photo of a friend or the group chat from each chatroom.
- You can now view the list of participants in a chatroom by clicking the profile photo thumbnail on the top-left corner.
- View all photos sent or received in a chatroom by clicking the album button on the top.
- The chatroom menu has been sorted and redesigned.

■ ProfileCon is Here

Now you can view the various ProfileCons applied to your friends' profiles.
That's all for now.

We will be back with another useful update, so stay tuned!

Keep Talking,
Kakao Team

Updates for v2.2.4 2016/09/08

Hi Ka'Talkers,

We are back with another useful update for those who use KakaoTalk on your Windows PC.


■ Boards, Now Available on PC

Yes, it's here. You can now write posts on Boards on your PC!

Planning and discussing issues in a group is made easier than ever.

Just like in the mobile app, you can write posts with attachments, make announcements, create an event or a poll and share it with the group.

To use Boards, tap the note button on the upper left side of each chatroom.



Keep Talking, and keep writing :)

Kakao Team

The New Notification Center and More (v.2.2.2) 2016/06/28

Hi Ka'Talkers!
Want to know what's new in the recently updated version 2.2.2?
Here are the details:

■ Don't Miss a Thing: Notification Center

Sharing posts on Boards is fun, but it's no fun if you miss all the likes and comments. 
Not to worry, because now you can get notifications for your posts on Boards!

Go to More and click the message icon next to your profile information.
You'll see who liked or commented on your post in a glance.

Also, you will get notifications on your friends' birthday, 
so that you won't forget to send a message and help celebrate like the good friend you are.


■ Check messages from Plus Friends and Yellow ID

At last! KakaoTalk for Windows PC now allows you to check messages from Plus Friends and Yellow ID.
You can even have a 1:1 chat with the Yellow ID if you want.

* Viewing the content in the link attached is currently only available on mobile devices.

Keep Talking,

Supporting Cross-platform Backup & Restore (v.2.1.3) 2016/05/11

Hi Ka'Talkers!

Here's the main features updated on the latest version of KakaoTalk:

■ Cross-platform Backup & Restore

Now you can back up and restore your chat history on a different OS. 
Whether it be an iPhone, Android phone, or a Windows PC, you can back up and then restore the chat data freely.

Go to Settings > Chat Backup and tap on the Chat Backup option once again to back up your chat history.

To restore the backed up data, re-install KakaoTalk and verify your phone number. 
Do not forget to log in with the Kakao Account you used to back up your chat history. 
* If you skip logging in, you will not be able to restore past data.

■ Video Call available in Windows PC and Mac

Talk away with your KakaoTalk friends on big screen! 
Now you can enjoy video call with your desktop as well.

Say goodbye to shoulder pain from holding up your mobile phone too long.
Experience the comfort of video calling on your desktop.


Keep Talking, 
Kakao Team

Updates in KakaoTalk v2.0.9 2015/12/22

Hi Ka'Talkers,


2K15 is almost coming to an end, but we still have a few more updates to bring to you!

Here are the details to the updated KakaoTalk v2.0.9:


■ Read large text files quickly

Now you can read the large text files from a text viewer. 

Just click the message, and read it without having to save the text file.


■ KakaoTalk Profile Only option for Open Chat 

You can now choose to create an open chatroom using only your KakaoTalk profile.

Other participants will also be required to use their own KakaoTalk profile to join the chat. 


■ And more...

- You can now invite more friends to join a call during a group call. 

- Accessibility improvements

- Other bug fixes and stability improvements


Stay tuned!


Keep Talking,

Kakao Team

My Chatroom: Your Private Space in KakaoTalk (v2.0.8) 2015/10/21

Greetings Ka'Talkers,

We are back with more useful features in v2.0.8!


See what’s new inside v2.0.8:


◼︎ Send yourself a message

You can make quick notes for yourself without all the hassle.

Now you have your own chatroom that you can use to make personal notes, send photos/videos, or even create an event.

To use this feature, go to your profile page and click My Chatroom.


My Chatroom is also very useful when you have KakaoTalk messages that you want to save for later.

Right-click a message and select My Chatroom to keep it in your chatroom.


*This feature is available in KakaoTalk for Windows v2.0.8 and above.


◼︎ Other updates

- You can group your friends in the friends list.

- Bug fixes and stability improvements


Update to the latest version(최신버전 다운로드 링크) and experience the new features.


Happy Talking,

Kakao Team

We apologize for the interruption in our service. 2015/10/08

Dear Ka'Talkers, 


As some of you may have noticed, our service was down from 09:35 to 12:14 on 10/8 (GMT+9). 

Some of you could not sign up or unregister from KakaoTalk, or failed to log in to KakaoTalk on Mac/Windows PC.  


We have resolved and noted the error in our system and service has been fully restored. 


We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience. 



Thank you. 


Kakao Team

Updates for v2.0.7! 2015/08/21

Hello KakaoTalk PC users!

KakaoTalk is better than ever in the updated v.2.0.7.
Explore the new and improved features:

■ Group your friends
Manage your friends with added convenience.
Our new Group feature allows you to make different groups of friends on your KakaoTalk's friends list.

■ URL previews
Avoid stumbling into unsafe web pages.
When you enter a web link or URL in the chatroom, a site preview will appear too. Now you’ll know more about the site before opening it.

■ Add friends by contact
Adding friends in KakaoTalk is easier and quicker than ever.
You can now add a friend just by inputting their phone number. They’ll automatically add to your friends list.

■ Back up/Restore your chats*
In case you need to reinstall KakaoTalk, you can back up the chat history and completely restore all your messages and chatrooms.

*Please note:
- Make sure you enter the phone number and log in with the Kakao Account you also used to back up your chat history.
- You can only back up and restore between Windows PC desktop devices.
- You must restore your chat history on KakaoTalk within 2 weeks of backup.
- Media files such as photos and videos cannot be backed up or restored.

■ Delete unwanted friends
You can delete friends from your friends list.
Once deleted, the user will not appear on your friends list even if you have that user's phone number in your device.
To delete, first you need to hide the friend and go to Settings > Friends > Hidden Friends and click Delete.

■ Search for chatrooms
You can quickly find the chatrooms by typing in the chatroom name or participant name.

■ Easier way to make new chatrooms
When you want to create a new chatroom with the existing chatroom participants, click on the New Chatroom button.

■ And more...
- Send media files up to: 300 MB per video, 20 MB per photo
- Bug fixes and stability improvements

Enjoy Talking!
Kakao Team

KakaoTalk 2.0.6 - Featuring: a Pretty Cool Chat Bubble Change, And More! 2015/06/09

1. Chat bubble redesign 

A cool new look for KakaoTalk chat bubbles! 

Messages sent in quick succession will now be grouped together for better chatroom readability. We also upped the bubble size for photos/videos sent in the chatroom, making it easier to view without clicking to enlarge! Other stickers, links and more shared items will enjoy a new display in this update. 


2. Other changes 

- Additional accesibility improvements

- Improvements to the export chat history feature 

- Fixed an issue where animated emoticons moved too rapidly 

- Other bug fixes and stability improvements 


Your support, as always, means the world to us! 

Keep Talking! 

Kakao Team

Edit your profile pic & screen capture your chats (v2.0.5) 2015/03/31

Hey everyone, 

We’re excited to introduce several new features in KakaoTalk for Windows. :)


1. Edit your profile picture 
- Enhance your profile photo with the new edit feature. Move and scale your photo by going to Edit My Profile. 


2. “Screen-cap” your chats! 
- You can now screen capture your chats and save them as image files. 
- Just click where you want to start and end the capture and save or copy the chats. 


3. Automatically load your previous chats 
- You no longer need to click “View previous chats” to load older chats. If you scroll to the top of the page, your previous chats will load automatically.  


4. Other updates include: 
- Improved accessibility feature.
- Enlarged thumbnail view for photos sent in a chatroom. 
- Added option to export your chats. 
- Improved speed when updating the app. 


Happy Talking, 
Kakao Team 

All new designs for mini-profile (v2.0.4) 2015/02/13

We have new designs for our mini-profile feature! 
The profile photo is now round and we've improved the mini-profile design to fit the round profile image. You can add a profile photo from KakaoTalk on your mobile :) 

We hope you have fun with our new mini-profile update! 

Kakao Team 

Happy Holidays from KakaoTalk 2014/12/31

Dear Ka’Talkers, 

Wherever you are in the world, we want to wish you a happy holiday and a bright new year. 
It’s been a great 365 days of togetherness, and we thank you for using and supporting KakaoTalk! 


However you are spending the holidays this year, we hope you have time to relax, unwind,
and spend time with those you love. 

We also hope that if you’re missing someone this time of year,
you can reach out to them with an adorable emoticon: 


send them a message, give them a call, send a photo or a voice note,
anything that will bring the two of you a bit closer this holiday. 

May all your 2015 wishes come true! 

Happy New Year! 

Kakao Team


More improvements in v2.0.3! 2014/12/23

Take a look inside the updates for v2.0.3. 

1. From 10 files -> 100 files   
- You can now send up to 100 files at once. Plus, the maximum file size has been increased from 10MB to 15MB so that you can now send high resolution images too! 

2. New designs for chatroom background 
- We have added 4 new winter backgrounds under Settings > Chatroom > Designs. Celebrate winter on your desktop. 

Happy Talking, 
Kakao Team 

Updates to Chatroom Album and Emoticon Tab: v2.0.2 2014/11/05

Here’s a look inside our latest KakaoTalk for Windows updates!

1. View photos at a glance

The redesigned chatroom album lets you see all the photos you’ve sent and received from that chat in one place.

It’s now much easier to find photos from the past!

2. Manage your emoticons

You can now rearrange the collections in your emoticon tab any way you like.

You can also add your favorite or most used emoticons in the Favorites tab to access them easily!

Take the new features for a spin and keep talking!

Kakao Team

Improved support for HiDPI monitors & new font settings (v2.0.1) 2014/09/25

Some of you might have experienced difficulties using KakaoTalk for Windows on HiDPI monitors.

1. The latest version of KakaoTalk for Windows has updated to optimal usability for HiDPI monitors!

Use KakaoTalk on a HiDPI monitor without activating any additional settings!

KakaoTalk will automatically optimize in accordance with the resolution of your monitor.

You can also set a View setting for yourself under the Settings menu.

2.Set your own font!

Choose to use different fonts while using KakaoTalk.

We previously supported font changes for only your chatrooms. But now the font of your choice will also appear in the main window.

More exciting updates coming soon!


Kakao Team

A new way to register your desktop 2014/08/04

We are introducing a secure new way to register your desktop beginning with v2.0.0.

You will no longer receive registration codes via mobile KakaoTalk messages,

but you can check for registration codes under More > Settings > KakaoTalk Desktop.


Please note that this method has not been reflected to all mobile OS simultaneously but will be applied gradually.

We currently offer this new registration method on the latest version of KakaoTalk for Android (v4.6.0).

Users with the other device OS will receive registration codes via KakaoTalk message as usual for the time being.

<At KakaoTalk desktop>

<At KakaoTalk Mobile>

Stay tuned!

Happy Talking,
Kakao Team

Introducing FREE CALL in the all-new version of KakaoTalk (v2.0.0) 2014/07/25

KakaoTalk for Windows has a refreshed new look, bringing you a new user interface and useful added features.

Check out what’s new! :)

■ Design, refreshed
It’s now much easier to see your friends list, chatrooms and most used features with our new design!

We specifically aimed to showcase features that were previously less exposed. Take a good look around!


■ Yay! Free call on desktop!
You can now enjoy free calls and group calls with your friends on your desktop!
Call your friends wherever and whenever for FREE!


■ Customize chatrooms with new background designs
We have added more colors and designs so you can customize your chatrooms.
We hope you make the most of the all new KakaoTalk for Windows.



Happy Talking,
Kakao Team

[Announcement for Users in China] Please inform your friends in China. 2014/07/03

If you have KakaoTalk friends in China, please inform them of this announcement.



■ At present, KakaoTalk is not working properly in China.


Our service team has fortunately been able to maintain text messaging for the mobile version.


However, KakaoTalk registration, adding friends, using certain emoticons, changing profiles and KakaoTalk notices are currently not available.


Kakao games, KakaoStory and KakaoTalk Desktop are also unavailable at this time. 



■ We're asking for your help to spread the word!


Since Kakao Team is currently unable to communicate with our users in China via notices or Plus Friend, we’re asking you to inform your affected friends through KakaoTalk chat.


Please note that users should not delete the app and reinstall it. They will be unable to register for KakaoTalk again as the essential verification code cannot be sent at this time.


Please also suggest they establish an alternative emergency contact for future.



■ What is the Kakao Team’s plan? 


We are currently investigating the causes of this issue and trying to find a solution.


We will try our best to maintain our messaging so you can keep using our service.



Thank you,

Kakao Team

Emoticons now synced to your KakaoTalk PC - v1.1.7 update 2014/03/20

Hello KakaoTalk PC users,

The latest KakaTalk PC update (v.1.1.7) brings more of the mobile features to your PC version.

■ Send your mobile emoticons freely from PC
When you update to the latest version of KakaoTalk PC, you will notice your emoticons have synced! Now you can send your purchased and downloaded emoticons easily from KakaoTalk PC.

■ Restore your drafted chats
Have you ever accidentally left a chatroom while you were typing a message? Whoops! No worries, now your typed message will be restored when you reenter the chatroom, right in the text field where you left it. (This excludes logging out and then logging back into KakaoTalk. In this case your drafted message will not be restored.)

■ Other updates for v1.1.7 :
- Added new Kakao Friends animated stickers
- Changed design for chatroom title bar
- You may delete a group chatroom’s profile picture

Kakao Team 

Scheduled Maintenance 2014/03/12

Greetings from Kakao Team, 

KakaoTalk PC will undergo servicing and maintenance on March 15 and 16.


[Servicing hours] 
Day 1 : 3/15 - 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (US ET) 
Day 2 : 3/16 - 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (US ET) 


Registration will be paused for new users during the inspection, but the PC messaging services will not be interrupted if you are already a registered user. 

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Kakao Team

We apologize for the interruption in our service. 2013/12/09

Dear Ka’Talkers,


As many of you may have noticed, our service was down for a few hours.


We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience.


Here are our answers to some questions you may have about this incident.



■ What happened?


KakaoTalk users were unable to send any messages or use friends-related features from around 11:30 PM (GMT) on December 8, 2013 (Sunday).


The service started to work again about an hour later and was completely back to normal by 1:20 AM (GMT) on December 9, 2013 (Monday).



■ What was the problem?


There was a problem with our networking equipment, which interrupted connection to some of our servers.


Because the affected servers were the complex ones handling messaging and friends features, it took longer than expected to resolve the issue.



■ What are you doing to prevent this from happening again?


While we do our best to ensure that our service is available at all times, there may be some unavoidable problems that we cannot anticipate.


In fact, our continuous efforts to further fine-tune our equipment had successfully prevented service failures in the past, but unfortunately, this incident was caused by the equipment for which failover could not be performed.


We are scheduled to provide failover capability for all of our equipment soon, and we assure you that it will help us deliver a better user experience and improve our service quality.


Once again, thank you for your patience and support.



Kakao Team

Experience our brand-new file transfer feature, additional privacy settings and more in Version 1.1. 2013/10/31

Dear KakaoTalk PC users, 


We are back with a new version packed with the features you have been waiting for! 

■ File Transfer 
You can now send files to your friends from KakaoTalk PC! In your chatroom, just click the file transfer icon or drag & drop the file you want to send. Various types of files including documents, videos, audio, images and compressed files are supported, and you can send up to 100MB per file. You can download the files you exchange with your friends on your mobile device as well as on your PC. (File transfers to mobile devices are currently supported on Android devices only. This feature will be also available for iOS users soon. Please see the Help menu for more information.) 


■ Lock Mode 
If you are sharing a PC with other people or if you need to be away from your PC for a while, turn on the Lock Mode. Unless you enter your passcode to unlock, no one can see your KakaoTalk messages. Plus, new message pop-up alerts won’t display senders or messages in Lock Mode. 


■ Pop-up Alert Settings 
Even if you are not using the Lock Mode, you can still hide senders or messages in new message pop-up alerts. 
Go to More > Settings > Alerts to change your alert settings anyway you like. 


■ Excel Style and Font Settings 
A new Excel style has been added to make your chatroom look just like an Excel spreadsheet. Plus, new font settings have been added to let you choose a font and font size that you find best. 
Go to More > Settings > ChatRoom to apply the Excel style or change your font. 


Now, you can also drag & drop your friends’ names from your friends list to invite them to a chat, and view chatroom announcements on KakaoTalk PC. 
We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best KakaoTalk experience possible on your PC. 

Thank you.

Can’t sync the names from KakaoTalk Mobile to KakaoTalk PC on Android? 2013/07/10

** ATTENTION !! ** 

If you have set “Add Automatically” to OFF, please DO NOT follow the instructions below. 
If you follow the instructions below while “Add Automatically” is turned off, 
everyone in your contacts may be added as friends. 

Some Android users experienced a problem where the names in KakaoTalk Mobile were not synced to the PC version even when “Match Names” was activated. 
Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot this problem: 

1. Update KakaoTalk Mobile to the latest version. 

2. Open KakaoTalk Mobile and go to More > Settings > Manage Friends. 

3. Check if “Match Names” is set to ON. 

4. Toggle “Add Automatically” to OFF and then back to ON. 

5. Press the refresh button below the “Add Automatically” menu. 

6. Log in to KakaoTalk PC and check if the names have been synced. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 
We will continue to work hard to provide you with the experience and service you deserve. 

Thank you. 

Kakao Team.


TIPS on Using KakaoTalk for PC 2013/06/25

Now you can enjoy KakaoTalk on your PC! 

KakaoTalk for PC is available for download at www.kakao.com/talk



Here are the tips to use the PC version in a smarter way!


Features synced in real time / every 10 minutes

The following features are synced between your mobile device and PC in real time and every 10 minutes. Please do not mistake them for bugs! ;-)


[Features synced in real time]

- Register or deregister PC   

- Send/receive messages 

- Create 1:1 chatrooms 

- Report spam in 1:1 chatrooms 

- Create group chatrooms 

- Leave group chatrooms 

[Features synced every 10 minutes] 

- Change profile image/name/status message   

- Add friends on mobile device 

- Block friends (on mobile device or PC) 

- Add to/remove from favorites 

- Change names of friends in Contacts on mobile device 

- Chatroom names 

- Chatroom images 

- Unregister from KakaoTalk

- Match names between mobile device and PC


“Match Names” Feature

If you want your friends’ names to be displayed the same on your mobile and PC, activate “Match Names.” 

The “Match Names” feature is only supported in the latest mobile version of KakaoTalk. Please don’t forget to update KakaoTalk to the latest version on your mobile device!

To sync your friends’ names, go to More > Settings > Manage Friends and turn on the [Match Names] menu. 

Your friends’ names will be displayed the same in the PC 


Mobile Alert  

Go to “More” in the PC version to receive an alert to your mobile device if your PC is not used for a time set in the alert settings. 


Remote Logout from Mobile  

Go to More > Settings > PC Version to see the list of PCs in use. You may remotely log out from the PC version, or check the list of registered PCs to deregister the ones you no longer need. 

Error in [Match Names] on Android Version of KakaoTalk 2013/06/25

The following error has been found on Android devices: 

When [Match Names] is executed, names with a comma (,), double quotation marks (“), or backslash (\) are not synced successfully. 


We could not respond to this error promptly as the Android version of KakaoTalk needs to be updated to fix the error. We ask for your understanding. The next update is scheduled for the last week of June. 

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will do our best to resolve this problem as soon as possible. 



If you want to use the [Match Names] feature before the next update, just delete the special characters (comma, double quotation marks or backslash) in your friends’ names. 

Can’t log in on Android version 3.7.3? -> The latest version is 3.8.3. 2013/06/25

The latest Android version of KakaoTalk is 3.8.3. 

If you downloaded the app from a market other than Google Play, go to Google Play, search for KakaoTalk and press the [Update] button to update to Version 3.8.3. 

Error Message - “Cannot connect to KakaoTalk server. This may have been caused by unstable user netw 2013/06/25

If you are using the PC version in a public place, Internet cafe or at work, please check if a firewall is blocking KAKAOTALK.EXE. If the program is blocked, unblock and try again. 

Please also check if your anti-virus program or security program of your electronic payment software is blocking the program. 

The PC version may or may not work depending on the firewall security level. 

We are currently working on this error, and an updated version with a solution to the firewall problem will be released soon.