Updates on the newest version: Shared Media 등록일자 2016.12.22

Hello Ka'Talkers,
Hope you all are enjoying the winter season.
Here are some newest addition to the KakaoTalk version 2.5.1.

■ Shared Media

You can now view the list of photos and links you have shared in a chatroom at a glance.
Just click on the icon on the top center and select the Photos tab or Links tab.

Here you can multi-select photos and save them all at once.
If you wish, you can drag and select.
Also, you can select multiple photos/links and send them to other chatrooms.

■ Mentions

If you want to remind a certain somebody of the post you write on Boards, simply tag the member by adding @ and a name.
You can also mention all the members in the chatroom by entering "@all" to the post/comment.

Once you mention a friend, they will be notified from the notification center.

That's all for now.
We will be back again with more updates next year, so stay tuned :)

Happy Holidays,
Kakao Team