Improved Usability for Emoticons and More 등록일자 2017.02.21

Greetings Ka'Talkers,
We are back with more useful features in v2.5.3!

See what’s new inside v2.5.3:


■ Sync Emoticon Settings

Now you can manage your emoticons on both your PC and mobile at the same time!

If you make any changes to your emoticons - downloading a new item, deleting or changing the order of the existing items - the setting will be immediately synced to the other device.


Also, you can get recommendations for items to shop online. Click on the + icon and browse through the suggestions.



■ Changes in Inviting Friends

Remember when you had to add a friend to a chatroom and then send another message to complete the invitation process? 

Now you don't have to. As soon as you add a new member, the invitee will be able to see the chatroom right away.


Happy Talking,
Kakao Team