Updates on v3.0.6 등록일자 2019.09.26

Hi Ka'Talkers!

Here are our newest features:


◼︎ KakaoTalk Calendar

You can now manage your schedules and events more easily, with the updated KakaoTalk Calendar.


If you want to create an event, select a chatroom and simply click the calendar icon right above the text box. All the participants in the chatroom will be automatically invited to the event right away.


You can also access the KakaoTalk Calendar by clicking the icon on the left side menu bar and view all your events at a glance!


◼︎ Quick Reply & Reply Notifications

For those of you who enjoy using the reply feature,

we present to you an easier, more convenient way to reply.


With the Quick Reply option, you can simply place your mouse pointer to a message and a reply button will appear on the side. Click on it and type your replies right away!


Reply Notifications allow you to receive notifications when someone replies to your message, even when you turn off the notification for that chatroom!

Now you won't have to worry about missing important messages anymore.


To use these features, go to the Settings > Kakao Lab menu.


◼︎ KakaoTalk Channels

KakaoTalk's Plus Friend is reborn as "KakaoTalk Channels."


Chatting with operators, getting notifications, ordering products, and making reservations... It's still all available in the KakaoTalk Channels!


We'll be back with more useful updates,

so stay tuned!


@Kakao Team