Updates on v3.1.0 등록일자 2020.03.04

Hi Ka'Talkers,

Check out what's new on the latest updates.



◼︎ Mention friends in a chatroom

You can now mention friends in a group chatroom.

Simply enter "@" in the text input box and select friends.


If you wish to disable notifications for mentions,

go to Settings > Notifications and disable Mention Alerts.



◼︎ Updates on KakaoTalk Calendar

You can now customize your repeating events.

Set reminders and notifications for your events.



◼︎ Group call with up to 10 friends

You can now use the group call feature with up to 10 friends at once.

Let everyone in the chatroom join the group call!


That's all for now.

We'll be back with more useful updates soon!


Keep Talking,

Kakao Team