Please read! Part of the Open Chat’s policy will change. 등록일자 2021.05.18

# Members will not be able to chat in rooms where the host has left.


Until now, even if the host left the chatroom,

remaining participants were able to chat for a long time.


Considering that a room without a host

is unable to access the management functions,

and therefore, will make it difficult to manage the room,

starting from June 17th, 2021, chatrooms will be closed,

as soon as, the host leaves the room

and further chats will no longer be allowed.

For hosts who plan on leaving the room in the future,

make sure to change the host to a different member

so that the open chatroom is preserved long after the host has left

or leave a notice in advance so that the members avoid unsettling situations.

In addition,

the following policy will be applied to chatrooms where conversations are still in progress after the host has left.

If necessary, create a new open chatroom to continue on with the conversation.

Please be so kind to understand that the following decision were necessary

in order to provide a more orderly and comfortable service. (ㅠ_ㅠ)


# Notices can only be registered by the host or co-host.

Despite the busyness, the time and effort I make for my precious open chatroom.

As if people have nothing else better to do, they’ve been sending spams every day!

Now on top of that notices…

During the busyness of the day,

to help you spend less time managing your open chat,

starting from June 16th, notices can only be registered by the host or co-host.

However, please remember this!

Participants are still able to create schedules and votes

and the host or co-host are able to register the schedules or votes created by the participants.

Refer to this information provided and create a peaceful open chatroom.


Always trying to provide a comfortable and quality service environment @KakaoTeam