Talk Board Attachment Usage Period Change Notice 등록일자 2023.09.04

Greetings from Kakao, 

We have an important announcement to make. 
We are changing the usage period to one year for attachments uploaded to the Talk Board. Here are all the details you need:


1. Effective Date: 
Starting October 4, 2023, at 10:00 AM KST. 


2. Applicability: 
This change will apply to all Talk Boards within your active chatrooms. 


3. Scope of Application: 
- This includes all photos, videos, and file attachments currently residing on the boards. 
- Any photos, videos, or files uploaded to the boards after the effective date. 


4. Application Details: 
- Any attachments uploaded after the effective date will have a usage period of one year. 
- Any existing attachments uploaded before the effective date will remain accessible for one year from that date. 
- Once the usage period expires, access to the original photos, videos, and files will be disabled. 


5. Backup Options: 
- You can conveniently back up your Talk Board attachments in the KakaoTalk (Windows) PC version. 
- Simply navigate to Talk Board > Photos, Videos, and Files by category in individual chatrooms. We provide category-based backup options. 


- It is important to note that even if attachments expire, your posts will remain intact and will not be deleted. 
- For long-term storage needs, we recommend saving your attachments or utilizing the backup feature available in the KakaoTalk (Windows) PC version before their usage period expires.


We are committed to providing you with the best possible service. 

Thank you for your continued support. 


Best regards, 
@ Kakao Team